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filming pic

The iconic photo of the Ma'alot Massacre.

Tzipi Maimon-Bokris is saved by her own brother after a grenade lands next to her when she jumps from the Netiv Meir School in Ma'alot, Israel.


THEIR EYES WERE DRY is the riveting and heart-wrenching account of the 1974 Ma’alot Massacre, in which disguised terrorists took more than 100 students hostage in an Israeli school building. All the teachers escaped, leaving the helpless children to face the terrorists on their own.

THEIR EYES WERE DRY documents the birth of terrorism against children and more importantly celebrates the courage and heroism of children around the world.

This traumatic story is revealed through the poignantly painful hindsight of the surviving children, as well as via interviews with Ma’alot Mayor Shlomo Bohbot, former Israel Defense Forces Major General Amiram Levin, former Mayor of Zefat Yishy Maimon, and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.