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"Their Eyes Were Dry, by 24 year-old Los Angeles filmmaker Brandon Assanti, is as much a tale of one young manís commitment to telling this heart-wrenching story as it is testimony to the pain and suffering of the survivors who for decades kept their memories to themselves."
- Jewish Telegraphic Agency

"Assanti steps back and lets those who suffered through the horrible day unwind the story, hour by hour. Their almost dispassionate retelling, born of years of submerging painful memories, is interspersed with stunning archival footage but no narration...the powerful technique works to his advantage."
- The Jerusalem Post

"Itís rare that one has the opportunity to go inside an actual hostage situation and view it through the eyes of the children suffering through it. Thatís what Assanti and his subjects give us, and it is strong medicine indeed."
- Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

"Assanti managed to take us on a journey in a train of clips, interviews and reenactments, propelled by an engine driven by music...a sea of red and teary eyes reflected the power of his storytelling talents."
- Israel National News

"Their Eyes Were Dry demonstrates the brutality of terrorism, but it also conveys a message of hope and peace for the future"
- Florida Jewish Journal

"The world reacted in horror to the targeting of children in the name of politics. Their Eyes Were Dry tells the story as no one has told it before."
- The Jerusalem Post

"Each of these children's stories represents another child's story somewhere in the world."
- Baltimore Jewish Examiner