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Brandon Assanti filming "Their Eyes Were Dry" in Jerusalem.


Filmmaker Brandon Assanti, now 25, grew up hearing stories of the young victims of the Ma'alot Massacre. At 18 years old, Brandon met with Ma'alot Mayor Shlomo Bohbot. During their discussions of this incident, Brandon decided to take the responsibility upon himself to give those silenced children a voice. Brandon spent time filming all across Israel in order to gather the necessary footage for his documentary. In his native Los Angeles, he devoted the past six years constructing a film that artistically and respectfully recounts these stories of memorial and survival.

THEIR EYES WERE DRY is Brandon Assanti's personal tribute to the children's lives that were lost at the hands of global terrorism.


"Children are born innocent. No matter the religion, culture, or background, children should never be the target. The driving force for this project has been the constant awareness that even today, children globally are being caught in a crossfire."
- Brandon Assanti