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Written and Directed by
Brandon Assanti

Produced by
Albert Assanti
Mimi Assanti

Produced by
Brandon Assanti

Co-Produced by
Roger Bellon

Brandon Assanti

Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by
Roger Bellon

Brandon Assanti

Post-Production Consultant, Visual Effects and Animated Titles
Ben Shalom

Visual Effects by
Rod Maxwell

Color Timer
Donald J. Paonessa

Translations by
Omer Zalmanowitz

Sound, Dialogue and Music Editor
Carl Sealove

Score Producer
Roger Bellon

Scoring Mixer
Damon Tedesco

Archival Footage Provided by
ABC News Videosource
Associated Press Archive

Archival Photographs Provided by
State of Israel National Photo Collection

Buznah Arie
Shlomo Bohbot
Amnon Buaron
Naftalie Cohen
Shloimy Fischer
Moshe Greenzweig
Mordechai Gross
Salman Hamdan
Amiram Levin
Shalom Ma'arati
Shimon Maimon
Yishy Maimon
Tzipi Maimon-Bokris
Micha Meiki
Meyer Raab
Menachem Rosenberg
Rachel Ben-Shimon
Shimon Tieb

Ilana's Letter
Marjorie Bohbot - Ilana Ne'eman
Shirrel Ziv - Voice of Ilana Ne'eman

Copyright © 2012 Peripheral Vision Productions All Rights Reserved

This film is dedicated to all the children who lost their lives at the hands of terrorism